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Philippine outsourcing market on fast track to growth

Growing markets India and China continue to steal the outsourcing headlines, but the Philippines is quietly becoming an outsourcing hotspot. Industry experts expect the Philippine outsourcing market to grow strongly over the next five years. Business Processing Association of the Philippines chief Alfredo Ayala says the country is currently No. 2 in the world behind India, with 600,000 outsourced workers.


  • Recently I was archiving some files on my computer and found the results of prior marketing  express-research of accounting services market that was made about 2 years ago. I've decided to check out web links and refresh links to websites of competitors. Funny. About 2/3 links are broken or not working. Not just don't work, and even domains often are free. But all these companies very actively advertised in its time. So we've got already some statistics. #
  • Marlin Consulting (a subsidiary of Marlin Group) entered the top of major audit & consulting companies NWFD, according to version of the annual «Expert NW» analytic center rating. The primary specialization of Marlin Consulting is a provider of financial outsourcing and accounting services. However, before creation of separate accounting firms ranking, the publication has been invited to participate in the rating of audit & consulting companies. #

Добро пожаловать в блог бухгалтерской компании Acotax

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