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Outsourcing is sometimes more hassle than it is worth

WHEN Ford’s River Rouge Plant was completed in 1928 it boasted everything it needed to turn raw materials into finished cars: 100,000 workers, 16m square feet of factory floor, 100 miles of railway track and its own docks and furnaces. Today it is still Ford’s largest plant, but only a shadow of its former glory. […]

High outsourcing costs drive away international firms

International companies are still looking to India, Egypt and Jordan to oursource their call centres as Dubai’s comparatively high telecom and labour costs make the emirate less competitive, industry insiders at the Middle East Call Centre exhibition said yesterday.

Outsourcing global trend, unions told

MANILA, Philippines—Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz on Wednesday said that “outsourcing is already with us,” defending her decision to allow Philippine Airlines (PAL) to spin off three noncore services that will result in the layoff of 2,600 workers. Citing a global trend, Baldoz pointed out at a public hearing called by the House committee on labor and employment that outsourcing already an accepted business practice even in the United States.

BPO industry poised for big growth

Slated to grow fast in the coming years, the Indian BPO industry is experiencing rapid changes, in terms of more value-added services and spreading to semi-urban areas to tap fresh talent pools and better cost arbitrage, writes Pradeesh Chandran

Finance & Accounting Outsourcing to Grow

The year 2009 witnessed significant onshore FTE ramp-ups (especially in US) implying the growth of an onshore-nearshore-offshore delivery mix. However, the maximum growth from an offshore / nearshore standpoint took place in India (both tier 1 and tier 2 locations) and S.E. Asia. It is interesting to note that captives continued to be key M&A targets for suppliers.

New Zealand accountancy firms outsourcing work to India

New Zealand may have 30,000 chartered accountants, but a large number of accountancy firms are outsourcing their work to India.

BPO poser: Career or transit job?

This is the riddle that academe, students and parents have yet to figure out, and is considered as one major factor behind the inability of universities to produce enough qualified graduates to support the growth of the industry.

10 Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2010

It was a long year of intense ups and downs in the outsourcing industry. Consolidation among vendors and interest in remote infrastructure management increased, while overall outsourcing demand and services pricing decreased.

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