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Philippine outsourcing market on fast track to growth

Growing markets India and China continue to steal the outsourcing headlines, but the Philippines is quietly becoming an outsourcing hotspot. Industry experts expect the Philippine outsourcing market to grow strongly over the next five years. Business Processing Association of the Philippines chief Alfredo Ayala says the country is currently No. 2 in the world behind India, with 600,000 outsourced workers.

150 new outsourcing jobs for Dublin-based financial services firm

A Dublin-based financial outsourcing company has announced that it is adding 150 jobs to its Irish operation over the next three years. The new positions at Arvato, 30 of which are already open, include IT, consulting, finance and accounting, project management and customer service.

Outsourcing is sometimes more hassle than it is worth

WHEN Ford’s River Rouge Plant was completed in 1928 it boasted everything it needed to turn raw materials into finished cars: 100,000 workers, 16m square feet of factory floor, 100 miles of railway track and its own docks and furnaces. Today it is still Ford’s largest plant, but only a shadow of its former glory. […]

High outsourcing costs drive away international firms

International companies are still looking to India, Egypt and Jordan to oursource their call centres as Dubai’s comparatively high telecom and labour costs make the emirate less competitive, industry insiders at the Middle East Call Centre exhibition said yesterday.

Consolidation wave likely in BPO sector

With fast changing industry dynamics, the country’s BPO sector is expected to see a consolidation wave in the coming months, says global research group Gartner.

11 Outsourcing Resolutions You Should Make in 2011

The end of the year is a time for assessment, and that goes for outsourcing, too. While it’s easy to point fingers at service providers for problems that have arisen over the past twelve months, customers play a significant role in the success or failure of any outsourcing deal.

Acotax celebrates its fifth anniversary

In November 2010 specialized accounting company Acotax celebrated its fifth anniversary on the market of financial and accounting outsourcing services and business process outsourcing.

Outsourcing global trend, unions told

MANILA, Philippines—Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz on Wednesday said that “outsourcing is already with us,” defending her decision to allow Philippine Airlines (PAL) to spin off three noncore services that will result in the layoff of 2,600 workers. Citing a global trend, Baldoz pointed out at a public hearing called by the House committee on labor and employment that outsourcing already an accepted business practice even in the United States.

BPO industry poised for big growth

Slated to grow fast in the coming years, the Indian BPO industry is experiencing rapid changes, in terms of more value-added services and spreading to semi-urban areas to tap fresh talent pools and better cost arbitrage, writes Pradeesh Chandran

Two thirds of accounting companies cease its activities during the first three years

Recently I was archiving some files on my computer and found the results of prior marketing  express-research of accounting services market that was made about 2 years ago. I’ve decided to check out web links and refresh links to websites of competitors. Funny. About 2/3 links are broken or not working. Not just don’t work, […]

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