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Improving Outsourcer Relationships

When Jeff O’Hare came to Cendant in April 2003, he was given a mandate: Fix a major outsourcing relationship that had become ugly just one and a half years into a 10-year contract. Cendant’s CIO recognized that O’Hare’s specific turnaround experience in two different organizations would do wonders in getting the relationship back on track.

Secrets of Outsourcing Success

At a London conference, companies such as Aviva and Diageo revealed mistakes and successes on the road to making outsourcing work

Some Small Business Accounting Tips

Tip #1: Keep it Separated Too many business owners mix and mingle their personal and professional finances. Even if you are a sole proprietor keep you business, and your personal. Set up separate checking accounts and if you need some funds from your small business, write yourself a check, or make a cash withdrawal. This […]

The First Rule of Outsourcing to Contractors

A lot has been said on the topic of outsourcing work to others. There are the operational issues, the client management challenges, the trust and rapport factors, and so on.

10 reasons that start-ups 100% absolutely should outsource (almost) everything

Outsourcing sometimes feels like a dirty word. But for companies that are just starting out, outsourcing is an essential tool for getting off the ground and moving out of the start-up phase. The most common reason for outsourcing is to lower costs, but there are many other positive reasons to outsource.

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