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Improving Outsourcer Relationships

When Jeff O’Hare came to Cendant in April 2003, he was given a mandate: Fix a major outsourcing relationship that had become ugly just one and a half years into a 10-year contract. Cendant’s CIO recognized that O’Hare’s specific turnaround experience in two different organizations would do wonders in getting the relationship back on track.

Cost-Saving Secrets of the Outsourcing Insiders

Ten tips from outsourcing experts and practitioners on how to save money on external consultants with do-it-yourself outsourcing.

9 Ways to Save Money on Your Current Outsourcing Contract

You may not have signed a contract with your third-party IT services provider solely to cut costs. Maybe you were seeking specific skills or farming out non-core work to focus on strategic initiatives, or looking for a back door into an emerging economy.

The First Rule of Outsourcing to Contractors

A lot has been said on the topic of outsourcing work to others. There are the operational issues, the client management challenges, the trust and rapport factors, and so on.

Skype Security: Is It Safe for Business?

According to data released last month from research firm TeleGeography, Skype, the popular software that allows computer users to make calls over the internet, now accounts for 12 percent of all long-distance calls. The company saw its user base grow to more than 500 million accounts in 2009 and is making a run at a new market this year.

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