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Marlin Consulting upgrading one’s accounting software

Marlin Consulting, accounting department of Marlin Group has announced the cessation of the use of January 2009 automation program accounting «1C: Accounting 7.7». In doing so, the company expects to complete a full transition to a technological platform «8.1». At the end of the year, all clients who work with the company under a contract accounting outsourcing will be transferred to the new version of the program.

To date, the company is a long time been used in parallel platform «1C» – «8.1» and «7.7», as part of Marlin Consulting clients have already had its own database, created in previous versions.

«Data transfer accounting «eighth» version of effort, so we were forced to support both platforms for the work», – said Sergey Bulavsky, Business Development Marlin Group.

«8» has a number of advantages compared with the previous version, especially with the technological point of view. The latest development «1C» significantly reduces labor specialists in the performance of standard accounting operations and further processing of the data that eventually makes it possible to optimize the working time accountant.

An updated version of «1C» also provides some new functionality: greatly simplifies the issues of joint work of distributed databases, where the same base at the same time are available, as a specialized company and the customer. A significant advantage «G» is an opportunity to bind to the same document several operations. The updated version also allows the use of various tax schemes SFAD, ENVD in one configuration, and expands the features of typical operations.

In addition, the updated version makes it possible to maintain records of several entities in one database, and exempt from the need to re-establish the same information about the agent, goods, materials for each company where they work in a group that is a definite plus for professional accounting firms .

«A total refusal to work with« 1C: Accounting 7.7 »and the transition to a single technology platform accounting allows, estimated savings of time professionals and 15%, and savings on the cost of tracking accounting software to 10%», – Sergey Bulavsky stresses.


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