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Improving Outsourcer Relationships

When Jeff O’Hare came to Cendant in April 2003, he was given a mandate: Fix a major outsourcing relationship that had become ugly just one and a half years into a 10-year contract. Cendant’s CIO recognized that O’Hare’s specific turnaround experience in two different organizations would do wonders in getting the relationship back on track.

New Zealand accountancy firms outsourcing work to India

New Zealand may have 30,000 chartered accountants, but a large number of accountancy firms are outsourcing their work to India.

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

When is the right time to outsource? When should you stay in house? It’s such a taboo subject and gets such a bad rap that it’s almost not even worth defending. You might be better off defending socialism at a “Tea Party” rally. Okay perhaps that’s overdoing it. It’s not that bad.

Secrets of Outsourcing Success

At a London conference, companies such as Aviva and Diageo revealed mistakes and successes on the road to making outsourcing work

BPO poser: Career or transit job?

This is the riddle that academe, students and parents have yet to figure out, and is considered as one major factor behind the inability of universities to produce enough qualified graduates to support the growth of the industry.

10 Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2010

It was a long year of intense ups and downs in the outsourcing industry. Consolidation among vendors and interest in remote infrastructure management increased, while overall outsourcing demand and services pricing decreased.

Skype Security: Is It Safe for Business?

According to data released last month from research firm TeleGeography, Skype, the popular software that allows computer users to make calls over the internet, now accounts for 12 percent of all long-distance calls. The company saw its user base grow to more than 500 million accounts in 2009 and is making a run at a new market this year.

10 reasons that start-ups 100% absolutely should outsource (almost) everything

Outsourcing sometimes feels like a dirty word. But for companies that are just starting out, outsourcing is an essential tool for getting off the ground and moving out of the start-up phase. The most common reason for outsourcing is to lower costs, but there are many other positive reasons to outsource.

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